Welcome to MSBC Youth Ministries

Our Youth Ministries divides the children in groups by age for more age-appropriate activities to reinforce the message.  These groups consist of preschoolers ages 4 to 6 and elementary ages 7 to 9,(Kingdom Kids) youth ages 10 to 14 (Kids of Purpose) and teens ages 15 to 18 (Teen Time).  Our staff #1  priority is to engage your child in learning Youth Christian Doctrine. This Doctrine will strengthen their development as well as their Christian walk.  We are dedicated helping them learn how to live a life for Christ and to see how trusting God’s Word fits into their lives.






Rev. Dr. Avery Bolden   Youth Director


Deacon Charlene Weathers     Kingdom Kids Teacher

Deacon Johnnie Martin               Kingdom Kids Teacher

Sister Tennisha Chatman           Kingdom Kids Teacher

Sis. Sherry Little                      Kids of Purpose Teacher

Deacon Pamela Rainge              Teen Time Teacher

Deacon Will Rainge                   Teen Time Teacher




Christian Doctrine

Teaching Schedule


Lesson   1 – God

Lesson   2 – Jesus,

                       The Christ

Lesson   3 – Bible

Lesson   4 – The Church

Lesson   5 – Faith

Lesson   6 – Repentance

Lesson   7 – Baptism

Lesson   8 – The Lord’s                                   Supper

Lesson   9 – Prayer

Lesson 10 – Giving

Lesson 11 – Giving in the                               New Testament

Lesson 12 – The Mission of                            the Church

Lesson 13 – The Second                                  Coming of the                            Lord


Helpful Resource Links
Collage Information:
Collage is an important step for any young person.  Making the right choices is very important.  Here are some collage resource links that might be helpful:
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