Our Officers

Listed are the Chairpersons of Committees and Auxiliaries of Morning Star Baptist Church and  Special Assistants to the Pastor.   A complete list of committee and auxiliary members can be obtained in the church office.
Fellowship of Deacons
Deacon Daunteley Signal, Chairman
Special Assistant to the Pastor 
Fellowship of Deacons
Sanbonita Best, Chairperson
Special Assistant to the Pastor
Fellowship of Trustees
Marvin Brown, Chairman
Special Assistant to the Pastor
Adjutants to the
Colloquium of Clergy
Altar Guild
Edith Ginn-McGough, Chairperson
Fellowship of Ushers
 Suzette Travis
Chairperson – Board #1
Valeria Hall
Chairperson – Board #2
Kenny Williams
Chairman – Male Ushers
NMinistry of Music
Christopher Delk 
Music & Fine Arts Coordinator
Thelma Campbell Brownadine Casey
Mass Choir
Chris Delk – Male Chorus
Phyllis Powell – Bell Choir
Performing Arts Ministry
Rev. Eric Eubanks – Drama Ministry
Joyce Wade – Mime Ministry
Francis Toler – Sacred Dance
Ministry of Christian Education
Mary Logan, Superintendent
Vacant,  Asst. Superintendent
Colloquium of Clergy, Biblical Studies
Children’s Ministry
Joyce Houston, Coordinator
Viviene Spellman – Women’s Ministry
Rev. Ronald Simpson – Men’s Ministry
Rev. Eric Eubanks – Teen Time
Sandra Banks – Women in Mission
Rhunetta Epps/Agnus Beavers – Hot Meals